Managing and directing investment in the Iranian capital market using facilitating technologies such as distributed ledger technology and like that, are key strategies to exit the freezing of capital assets and increase their flow and return on the capital market. Therefore, efforts are being made to implement practical applications such as Secure Know Your Customer (SKYC), Gold, Collateral, Loyalty, P2P Lending in kuknos network.

In the implementation of some usecases, there is a need for smart contracts in distributed ledger, which are stored in a decentralized manner for automatic execution and without defects. This creates a reliable intermediary between customers and the Kuknos network, and the parties ensure the correctness of the work, the receipt of money or return on investment, the automatic and fair distribution of capital, with the approval of all stakeholders. Thus, the effort is made to take advantage of the facilities of smart contracts and their development and productivity to enable the implementation of more usecases. The following are some of the applications being implemented in Kuknos platform.

Obviously, Kuknos usecases will be designed in the context of dedicated tokens, and each of these usecases will be described in an independent document that will be the token’s whitepaper. In order to prepare a newwhitepaper for ant token, a template has been prepared in which issuers will be required to explain their token idea according to this format.