All legal and natural persons in the public or private sectors are able to assume the role of an issuer after obtaining consent from at least one anchor.

Issuers can interact with multiple anchors at the same time. From a technical perspective, issuers are dependent on the infrastructure and applications provided by the anchors.

Tokens must be issued according to the requirements and conditions of the respective anchor.

Anchors are obligated to publish issuer-related information with sufficient transparency.

Provision of other Kuknos services by the issuer (e.g., wallet and exchange) is contingent on the respective anchor accepting the relevant responsibilities.

Issuers are obligated to publish a whitepaper for each token. The verification and publishing process of the whitepaper includes the following steps:

  • The issuer prepares a draft of the whitepaper according to the Foundation’s approved template.
  • The issuer delivers the whitepaper to the anchor.
  • The anchor evaluates the whitepaper and checks for compliance with the Kuknos whitepaper and the approved template.
  • The anchor approves the revised whitepaper and signs a contract with the issuer.
  • The anchor confirms that the issuer has obtained all the required certificates and licenses relevant to the scope of the whitepaper.
  • The anchor publishes the final version of the whitepaper on its website.