Kuknos TestNet & Laboratory

Kuknos: A Secure Platform for Asset Tokenization

Kuknos Anchors

Kuknos Core will be created by connecting the anchors of Kuknos platform in the form of a decentralized network.

Kuknos anchors guarantee secure exchange of your assets on the network…


Anchors form the Network’s computational infrastructure. In addition to accessing the ledger, they propose block additions and participate in the consensus-based verification voting mechanism. In Kuknos, anchors are designated as Network leaders.


An anchor-monitored natural or legal person with authority to issue tokens. Anchors are required to advertise issuer details and token specifications.


All natural and legal persons from the public and private sectors are free to join Kuknos as users unless legally prohibited. Users connect to the Network exclusively through services provided by the hosts. Each service provides its own connection mechanism

Kuknos Key Features

  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

  • Fast transaction processing, less than 5 seconds

  • ۱۰۰۰ Transactions Per Second (TPS) capacity

  • Smart Contracts support

  • Readable and easy addressing

  • Any Asset Tokenization

  • Easy Integration via Open API

  • Low transaction fee

  • Gold-backed native asset

  • KYC, AML and adoption infrastructure support

Asset Tokenization Concept

Use Cases

KYC (Know Your Customer)



Secure Trade

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