All natural and legal persons from the public and private sectors are free to join Kuknos as users unless legally prohibited.

Users connect to the Network exclusively through services provided by the anchors. Each service provides its own connection mechanism.

When using anchor-provided services such as wallets and exchange GUIs, users must be identified and authorized according to the requirements set by the Foundation. Users are authorized with different levels of KYC, using the following methods:

  • Kuknos address and cellphone number corresponding to a public key provided by a anchor.
  • Kuknos address, email address, and verified cellphone number corresponding to a public key provided by a anchor.
  • In-person identification in a branch of a member bank for a Kuknos public key[1].

In the Kuknos core, users are defined and identified by their key pairs. All users are responsible for protecting their private keys.

Users are able to vote for anchors, and each vote is assigned a weight based on the user’s PayMon balance. Anchor votes are automatically calculated each month and published on the public dashboard for the entire Ecosystem. User votes represent satisfaction with anchor performance. Users can retract their votes before the end of the voting period (one month) and vote for another anchor.

[1] A specialized token, namely SKYC, will be issued for securely managing and sharing customer banking data. Details will be published in the respective whitepaper.